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It has been over a decade now that online casinos or virtual casinos emerged into internet. The number and quality of online casinos have grown rapidly as they own the second highest market on internet. The high speed of internet let people to stay at home instead of going to real casinos, and gamble or wager through internet. However, there was a new main issue to online casinos and gamblers and it was the reliability and trust matters, in a real casino the decks, dice, slot machines and any other gambling device is physically accessible by players, however in an online casino all of these are implemented using random number generators and other software programs. The look and feel is the same, but the nature and logic behind a casino it is put into software. As a result many online casinos leased or purchased their casino game software from well known gaming companies like Microgaming, Realtime Gaming, Playtech, and CryptoLogic Inc to interest more players.

Online casinos can be divided into three different groups, web-based online casinos, download-based online casinos and live-based online casinos.

Web-based online casinos are the ones that the player does not require to download and install any software in order to play any games of the online casino like slots, blackjack, video poker and etc. As an example, all slot games on this website are web-based. Usually the casino games on web-based online casinos are created using Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Shockwave, or Java and the player requires browser support for this plug-ins. Many people prefer to choose this type of online casinos since they tend not to install any software on their PC, However a high speed internet is mostly required to have a pleasant experience playing at this type of online casinos, since graphics and other elements should be loaded to the page in real time at the time of playing the game.

The second type is download-based online casinos, which require gamblers to download and install their software in order to wager and play the games offered by the online casino. The process is very straightforward, usually the online casino provides a link to its client game software, the file size of the game varies from a casino to another, and personally I have seen 20 Megabytes to 1 Gigabytes. The gambler requires downloading and installing the casino software, and a down point to this is that the client software might contain malware, once the game is installed; the casino games like slots or another game is being played through the client software and not the browser. The client software is programmed to connect to the online casino server, and they communicate directly to each other, as an advantage to this type of online casino, generally the games run much faster than web-based online casinos since the graphics and sounds are stored locally on the playerÂ’s PC.

The last type of online casinos is a little newer than the other two types, a live-based online casino let players to interact with games played in a real world casino environment, and online players can hear, see and interact with live dealers at tables in casino studios worldwide. I think eventually all online casinos will go toward this type of online casinos since they look more like a real land-based casino with real slots and dealers.

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