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Progressive Slot Machines

Progressive slot is one of the most popular games in casinos and online casinos, the idea behind progressive slots is very simple, the jackpot simply grows bigger and bigger as players keep inserting coins into the slot machine. So a portion of every coin being played on a progressive slot machine will be added up to the big jackpot. However players usually only have a chance to win the jackpot if they play the maximum credits on the progressive slot or online progressive slot machine. Many people tend to bet the minimum when playing on a slot machine, so they can play for longer, however this is not a very good choice on progressive slot machine, a non-progressive slot machine would be probably a better choice.

So it is highly recommended when you play on progressive slot machines play the maximum to at least have a chance of winning the jackpot, because either you play the minimum or maximum or anywhere in middle a fraction of your money or coins inserted into the slot will be contributed to the big jackpot. So when you play a progressive slot machine, it makes more sense only if you actually have a chance of winning the money you are contributing to the slot as well. What makes progressive slots attractive the most is their huge jackpot prize comparing to non-progressive slots, hitting the jackpot on a progressive slot usually would pay way more than hitting the jackpot on regular slot machines.

Since the idea of progressive slot has been a success for land-based and online casinos, a lot of real casinos and online casinos came up with variations of it. So other than individual progressive slots where each slot has its own prize, they came up with linked or networked progressive slots, these slot machines share their jackpot, meaning that there is one unique huge prize that if you hit the jackpot on any of these slots that are linked together you win the prize. There is no limit over the number of slots that can be linked together, the more they are the higher the jackpot prize is, in real casinos they can even be linked with slot machines in other locations in different casinos. The implementation of this is much easier when it comes to online slot casinos where the connection or link is all over internet. To make it even more enticing to the players, some casinos or online slot casinos set a limit on the prize and guarantee that the slot would definitely pay out its jackpot before hitting the limit, as a result as the prize gets bigger and closer to the limit more and more people tend to play the slots and it will be almost impossible to find a empty seat for a linked progressive slot in a land-based casino (one of the advantages of online progressive slots is that you do not have to wait for a seat to become free).

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