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Slots Misconception!

One of the advantages of online slots is that they put an end to an old slot misconception, probably you either experienced or heard from a friend who leaves a slot machine at a casino and right after someone else wins the jackpot on the same slot. Your friend regrets as if he continued playing he had won the jackpot on the slot. This is a very well known misconception, since the symbols showing up under the payline are chosen by a random number generator (RNG), and RNG is constantly choosing different number combinations, it is just the matter of the time when the spin button is pushed to determine what symbols are chosen by RNG in the slot machine. However, now that online slot casinos emerged into internet business market, the players can not even see if someone else is winning on their previously played slots or not, so literally it puts an end to this slot misconception.

There is also another misconception that many slot players believe in, and that is if a slot inspector opens your slot machine, it will stop paying afterwards. This is also not true, because the payout percentage or hit frequency can not be simply changed by a slot mechanic or slot inspector, in many states and other countries it requires some paperwork and supervision and also these things are programmed into a chip in a slot and replacing the chip is very costly for the slot owner or casino. Online slot casinos again have resolved this issue, since all the logic in online slots are embedded in software and maintaining the slots can not be seen by slot players.

Hot coins will make the slots pay more and frequently, this is a false comment. A slot machine has no sense for temperature, so it can not really determine the coin is hot or cold, and it treats them both the same way. Moreover, some slot players think if they use credit cards like VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX and etc. or Casino Club Card instead of coins they have a better chance of hitting the jackpot on the slots, which is also wrong, RNG works independent from method of payment. Good that slot players can not think of any of these while playing online slots, since everything is on internet. Long ago land-based casinos used to put slot machines with higher payout percentage close the doors and aisles, since less slot players tend to play those slot machines. But now casinos have a different strategy to place their slot machines in the casino. In an online slot casino this is not really an issue since all slots are implemented in software and do not have a geographical location.

One last misconception that is worth to mention is that it is not possible to calculate odds of winning on a slot by counting the number of symbols on each reel. Since symbols on each reel are not equally likely to be hit, for example RNG chooses a number from 1 to 255 for each reel and each number in this interval is mapped to a certain symbol, and the odds of winning at a slot only can be calculated if the players has the knowledge of this map table on slot machine.

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